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Endless Oddities


About the Characters

Mina is the oldest twin and Sorceress and Cleric. She is the more passive twin and defers to Tina most of the time because she is so practical. Mina is capable at both and is a quality personality and a good cleric as well as sorceress.

Tina is baby of the twins and the practical one who is the group leader. She is a quality Monk and Sorceress. She is smart and not afraid to lead because she is sure and confident in her group; She has a unique set of powers and that gives her confidence.

Olaf is the one who fought in the goblin wars and then after the ceasefire left for High risk caravans. He did these for two years before ending in Corathus and he went to the Adventurers League and applied in the big tome. He is brave and not afraid to die, as well as a great dwarf fighter.

Ronald is a fighter as well. He is skilled fighter with a good charisma. He is charming and can fight. He too is brave and not afraid of anything. He is sturdy and strong and is great fighter. He learns in Corathus and puts an ad into the tome at the Adventurers League. He is discovered by the twins and likes the twins.

Golic is the one with the child champion with seven championships. He grew up on Cholac and leaves on ship at fourteen because he is considered an adult then. He is on the ship a month and arrives in four days from the docks on this continent. He fills out an advertisement in the Tome in the Adventurers league and the twins contacted him and interviewed him and took him. He is a quality barbarian and a half orc.

Anna is the rogue whose parents dies at five and she found a way to survive, She was in the rogues twelve years and made it to leader for the best year of the organization. A challenger came and she resigned for him. In order to find adventure she is capable and will find adventure. She is loved by the twins and joins the group for better or worse.

Markov is a druid who encountered wanderlust and decided to adventure. He is a good druid and has come cool abilities. He is interested in the forest adventure and will do his best to help out.

Anna is rogue from her early years with a good heart, she forced by her mother to help her dupe people of their money, om trains Anna from her early years She is capable young because of it, Mom is picked up for her crimes when Anna is sixteen and she is able to stay in the home with mother in a dungeon, She is capable rogue and will do her best to help the group,