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Endless Oddities


About the characters selected by the Elders in Snowfall

Mardor is the mountain dwarf fighter he was a soldier and a caravan guard while the bridge was being built, He helped move stone from the yard to the bridge area.

Grak is the child of a caravan couple who ran when the caravan was attacked and never looked back. He survived in the forest and eventually built himself a crude cabin in the forest. He had a sense the hill dwarfs were in trouble so he went and the great mudslide happened and he saved many of them, thirty two in fact.

Leaf the ranger from the forest he fights with two weapons and is a deadly shot with the crossbow as well. He showed a display of ability that the Elders had never seen.

Dinero is the hill dwarf cleric of Tyr. He has spells for war. He is a in your face fighter and can use his spells to protect his team.

Salem is a cleric of Pelor and is the group healer. He most adept at that and can heal like no one’s business. He can fight a little however he prefers to use his crossbow.

Edlia is the cute druid in the group She knows a fair bit of the forest she tends to wander a bit more than most.

Snow is the final member of this group. She is a beautiful sorceress. She was more capable than the other arcane magic users so she was taken. She also is a good singer of traditional songs.