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Endless Oddities


The synopsis of the first Adventure Via Snow!

We managed to survive the icy switchback that led to the Feral Valley. We moved away from where it ended because there was the cave of large bear, according to Edlia. As we continued in the forest for an hour or so, we met the Savage Leader. Elder Matta came out the forest in her brightly colored feather made headdress. She told us the Savages have been driven from their home by undead ancestors. The Savages with no armor were ill equipped to combat them. She told us their home was to the east and when she did many more came out of the forest surrounding us. They began to clap for us and split we moved toward the east.

The ranger Leaf was leading the way through the forest and we saw large rabbits and large snow cougars as we moved. The Savages were much taller us humans. It seems that everything is bigger in the valley.

We found their home in a few hours from where we found the savages and it was being guarded by many skeletons. We saw the many skeletons and formed a plan. We started at safe distance that was still in the range of our crossbows. Edlia caused the ground to grow spikes in a wide radius and we fired range weapons right after her spell. The ground spikes killed a good number of creatures attempting to go through it.

There were some skeletons that skirted the spell area and we killed those using our powers. When we crushed the last of the near forty skeletons, we needed a short rest. While we resting we saw something unusual. Eight skeletons came out of the cave carrying boxes, bags or large piles and ignored us and moved north so we ended our rest attempt and followed the skeletons.

We found a new cave with many things shredded in front of it. A handsome man with dark eyes came to us and said. “I am Warlock Tensi, I have come from Neverwinter and I am searching for an item I have desired since I was young. I know it is in those caves and I will not stop looking for it until I get it. If you should find this coffer I desire I will pay you very well. In addition I will de-animate the skeletons and head back to Neverwinter once I have it. There is an area I cannot explore because the skeletons are not sufficient to scare the inhabitants of that cave. I must have the coffer so please move along. I will instruct the skeletons to leave you alone,”

In the cavern was many destroyed bones the skeletons tried to come here and failed. We entered the cave and not far in there was a four way guarded by a tough looking skeleton with a great axe. The skeleton paid no interest and we passed by it with no problem. We explored the caves and left only the Dangr sign alone. Once we exhausted the other places in the cave, we went down cavern named Dangr.

We passed down that hall and came to a wide fork each way guarded by two very large kobolds. One spoke. “You have come from the skeletons are undamaged, what are you doing here?” We explained to them we are trying to restore the savages to the caves. The guards seemed pleased. We also asked to speak to their leader. They pointed us to left tunnel and we followed the cavern to an ornate door and three bigger guards. We could hear chanting and singing from the temple. We asked a guard if we could enter the temple of Waukeen. He told us we had to wait until the service was over. We asked how long and we waited that half hour for the service to end near where the door hinge met the wall. We had no plan other to fight these big guards. The service ended and when the forty service goers and we counted eight of the large guards, that left the temple. We mentioned we had something important to talk about so we closed the temple doors,

Leaf, Salem, Dinero, Edlia and Grak stayed by the door, and Mordar as my guard followed me, to address the priest. I asked him about the relics the temple called holy on the altar. He said, “The cold sword was once Tain Morland’s, the magic box and the hammer were found nearby by our explorers long ago.” “What is the purpose of the box?” I asked. He replied, “All the experimentation we have done with this has not shown us a use.” Can we try to use it?” I asked. “Be very careful.” The priest added, Mordar placed the sword in the box and closed the door nothing happened, they put the hammer in as well and nothing happened. They took the artifacts out of the box. It was clear the guards did not like us working with the box. When Mordar hit the box to see if it dented the guards attacked.

The three guards charged at Mordar, the priest ran to the corner and dodged begging for his life. Grak boarded the door closed. Donero casted a silence by the door to keep the sounds of battle from the three guards outside. We made quick work of the three guards and tied the priest up with a gag and left him behind the altar on the floor and grabbed the box, sword and hammer. We took a blanket and covered the box while we hid the hammer and sword, We un barred the door and thanked the guards for the visit. We went back to the original fork and the guards wished us good luck.

When we exited the cave Warlock Tensi was waiting for us. His guards were four of the tough looking skeletons with great axes. He offered us 3500 gold pieces and a magical mace. We sold him the box, he smiled and the skeletons around him de animated. “Thank you.” He said before muttering an arcane word and being gone. A chest with 3500 gold pieces appears where he once was.

The Savages came out of the forest led by Elder Matta. “Thank you for removing the Warlock who brought back our ancestors to drive us from the cave. In fact we would like to celebrate you with a feast. It may be this evening because our home is probably trashed and it will take some time to fix. You may rest here and tonight we will have a feast in your honor.” We agreed we needed to finish our rest and might as well do a long rest. When the evening came as the sun was fading they called for us.

Each Savage stood and applauded us as we filed in and the moved us next to Elder Matta. We sat on the cold cavern floor and mats were distributed to eat on. They had cooked several large boars. Vegetables from the forest were also served and when enough had been eaten they entertained us with their tribal dancing and singing. It was late when they finished the show and we just camped in the same spot.

As I slept, I had an unusual dream. Our group and elder Matta were together in small cave. Elder Matta cast a spell and we felt protected. I was not sure of what and this uncertainness woke me briefly. I slept well the rest of the night. It turned out that we all had that dream. It was most peculiar.

In the morning they brought us breakfast. Berries and nuts were the fare but they were very satisfying. We packed our things and began to leave the Savages formed a long line into the forest. When we passed each Savage they would salute us and follow. They led us to the switchback this way and said a final good bye to us.

We managed up the icy switchback using ropes and pitons. Leaf slipped but the rope kept him from falling far. Grak and Mordar pulled him back up. It took half the day to climb the switchback. We left the Feral Valley crossed the edge of the forest and reached Snowfall late afternoon. We asked the elders to convey a meeting with us. It took about an hour and they did show up. Salem and I told the story of our adventure. They were impressed and thanked us for completing this task. They gave us a chest with some items in it, a ring, a scimitar, a shield of metal and a cloak.

So in the end we all got something Mordar got the shield of metal, Grak got the Ring, Leaf was given the cold Longsword, Salem got the mace, Dinero got the hammer from the temple, Edlia got the scimitar, I received the cloak. We also got 500 gold pieces apiece.

It turns out we needed to money to train. We found new trainers but they wanted between 350 and 500 for a first time student. It took a number of weeks for each of us to train and after five weeks we were complete. We said goodbye for now and went back to our lives, hoping we find more adventure.

Sincerely, Snow