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Endless Oddities


The Area Surrounding Snowfall

The area Snowfall is near

The City of Makar

As you follow the mountain road up the first town you encounter is the city of Makar. It is locked in the foothills of the mountain and home the hill dwarfs. It has about eight hundred people in the city. It is ruled by king Makar. They mostly worship Moradin father of the dwarf. A few prefer Tyr the guardian of war. Either way both are well accepted in the city. The hill dwarf people are a little more, friendly than their cousin dwarfs.

The great forest

This forest is very wide and goes up the mountain in a few spots. It takes an hour on lizard back to pass the forest on the main road and it is four times as deep as it is wide. There are few who live in forest aside from the rangers and druids. These are made up of both human and dwarf members. They are skilled in forest knowledge and have magic or special abilities and together they keep the road edge of the forest safe for travelers. The deep forest is more challenging and few head there at all.

The city of Kelaman

As you pass the great forest is the citadel of the great city of Kelaman. It is home to the Mountain Dwarf people. They are strong group and somewhat untrusting of others is inbreed to them. The mountain dwarf people tax imports much higher than they do their own wares. This city of all in the area is the safest. They still use the draft to keep the army up and trained, even though they have limited enemies. They are industrious and they produce a lot and there is high amount of pride among these dwarfs. It is ruled by King Solamin, it is named for the King who built the citadel. Solamin lowered local taxes and increased the taxes on imports. Many more caravans leave Kelaman than come in to the city. Because of this the imported items have more value and can be expensive.

The peak of mount Kurlok

The peak is not far up the mountain from Kelaman. However there is a bridge of stone that connects the mountain to Mount Alatern. The reason for this bridge is the Human city of Snowfall is up that far on Alatern. The high wind sometimes closes the bridge to travelers but that is uncommon. There is valley the bridge covers called the Feral Valley. It is called that because those that come from there have little intelligence and high amount feral instincts.

The city of Snowfall

Snowfall is not all the way to the top of Alatern. It is a bastion of humanity high enough on the mountain that snow falls most of the year. These hearty people form an industrious city. There are mines and blacksmiths working with the ore. There are farmers who grow the food that can be grown in the tundra. The people are generally happy and there is a group that trains the local guards. It is ruled by the Elders of the city. A panel of five Elders, in fact make most of the public decisions. At the time of this adventure the city is closed to the savage barbarians who come from the feral valley. They get extremely drunk quite quickly and one managed to kill two guards. So the Elders closed the city to them.

Feral Valley

This valley is accessible from Snowfall down a long switchback. A few of these savages have come up lately their stories range from the clan leaving them to claiming there are too many skeletons in the forest for them to fight. Few know exactly is in the valley aside from these savages and the skeletons they say have been harassing them. The valley has more primitive life and perhaps more powerful forces there. It is believed that one should be very careful while moving through the Feral Valley.


There is a narrow path that leads up from Snowfall but no one that has traveled it in years has returned. What lies up there is only speculation but some say a dragon lives up there as well as a tribe of giants. They might be the reasons no one has returned.