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Endless Oddities


The story of Golic


Golic is born in the heart of Manu in the gladiator section. He is trained to be gladiator from his earliest memories, He comes from a fairly successful pair of gladiators and lives to be one too, He is gifted physically and works out hard to mold his body, He is learning to fight for a living, He is picking things up quickly enough. He is a good fighter by six and in incredible shape, He will be ready to fight in the eight year old tournament, He trains harder the next two years and is ready as he can be when the tournament begins.

Golic is finishing people quickly in the early rounds, He wins in short order in the middle rounds and one to the final four before the battles were that tuff. He manages to beat the favorite in the quarter final, The final proves to be a fight for the ages. Golic defends against the bigger orc, He wears him out swinging on him. When the orc got tired Golic took over and won, It was a thirteen minute fight, Golic one a championship.

The parents are very proud of Golic and his mother gives him her magic axe. He is much better with new axe it went along way into reinforces his confidence. He is proud of the championship and celebrates three days, He then goes back to training for the next one, He is working hard in gym and learning as best as can more things to help him, He turns nine three weeks before the tournament. He is the youngest person in the tournament. Golic is quite large for his age and it will not affect him.

The tournament starts and Golic is rolling over his opponents and the round of sixteen he got a tuff opponent. He won with a superior plan, and it was a satisfying win. Golic manages to win again and he thinks the axe made the difference. His skills are better but so is the competition.

Golic celebrated two days before hitting the gym hard and working for the next tournament. The end of the that week is stronger and a better fighter, He is learning more and he is proud to be gaining more information, Golic works really hard to compete better in the next tournament.

The ten tournament is, much like the eleven tournament. Those he cannot overpower he tires out, He has a great strategy and it works for him, He wins the championship both years and has four Championships. Golic is a hard worker to stay ahead of the curve. He wants this one to clear the youth tournaments, He is an experienced fighter and he can handle most things easily.

The twelve year old tournament is the last child tournament at thirteen orcs are assumed to be done growing and loped in the men. Everyone will save their best for him it will be tough and he expects that.

He makes the final four but it has not been easy, People at all levels are getting better and he adapts well and still won. He does fine im the quarter final he wins rather easily, He has a tuff match in the final, The orc is bigger than Golic, Golic will swing down and take out his legs, The strategy is working well and it looks like Golic will win easily and after a blocked strike the big orc kicked Golic and he fell back five feet and had to regroup. Golic watched for that more and continues to lead. The big issues a war cry so Golic gives his own war cry, They furiously attack each other and no one is taking much damage, The orc tried a second time to kick him and Golic landed a blow into his chest, It cut him bad and knocked him down, Golic dove on top of him and held him down and pulled the dagger from his boot, He put the dagger to the struggling Orcs neck and the orc resigned. Golic has endured another tuff fight, He completed his mission to win all five medals.

He turns thirteen and he continues to learn he will not enter the men’s tournament because he is not fully grown and the men have way more experience than Golic. He is satisfied getting better training with his parents.

At sixteen he is fully grown and he has learned all his parents can teach. He is looking at training for years to make the adult tournament. He is not up for that. he will take a boat to the main island Visit Corathus, and get a group, He leaves home and heads to Mense the port city. He checks in the travel hub and there is not a ship for the docks on that island for three weeks. He stays in a inn for three weeks and works out hours a day, He buys passage on that ship.

He boards the boat and is shown to his quarters, The winds are calm and the boat moves rather slow, It is almost two months to the dock with five stops on the way, He is seventeen before he gets there. He is in the docks for a few days, The inns are nice and the taverns are plentiful, He hires on a guard and likes the town, he is there until he is eighteen. Then he leaves and heads to Corathus. He arrives in Corathus and finds the Adventurers League. He finds an inn close the Wild Stallion Inn. He walks in and gets a room for a week. He is in room 208 and leaves the inn and heads to the Adventurers League.

He walks into the office and the guard inside says “Welceome.” Golic smiles and heads to the small table and sits down, He pulls the tome to him, He opens the tome and flips pages to an open page, He inks a pen and begins

Barbarian is looking for a good aligned group only. I have all five of the youth championships as a kid. I trained from very young to be a gladiator and am a good fighter. If you need an excellent shape quality barbarian please contact Golic @ the Wild Stallion Inn room 208

Golic felt that is enough information and closes the tome. He pushes it back to its resting place and stands to push in the chair, He walks to the door saying, “Have good day,” The guard smiles and when Golic is leaving says Good Luck! Gold glares at him and leaves the office,

He got an invite to group from the twins and went to the meeting on Tuesday and met the group, They all have good experience, They are kind and friendly it will be a good group, We met each other and Tina closes the meeting until Thursday at 2pm in the same tavern,

The Thursday meeting we learned our purpose. The wizard Mortah has been missing five years and his second apprentice is worried about him, She wants us to explore the north forest and look for clues. We agreed to the mission and we leave at 8am tomorrow. The group will be early and we will find the wizard and take him home.