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Endless Oddities


The Introduction to in the service to Slymariana This is Snowfall 5

You returned home after diffusing the war brooding between the stone giants and the dragon Slymariana, The rewards were good and you spent training time again and this time you really need some days off, Well all was going well with the training and a warm spurt came and made things slushy for a week or so. This made people tired from the heat and working through the slush.

By the time training ended and returned to real life again. Part of you missed your friends and what was going on with them was something you thought of. It was about three weeks of taking it easy when the letter came that ended the rest.

Dear Adventurers,

I hope you are resting well after your latest victory. I am sorry to bother you again but there are some duties I have for adventurers like you. Some are easy, others are more difficult but I am sure you are up to these tasks. When you are ready to go back to work as adventurers please return to my cave, I have work for you. Slymariana.

The adventurers took the time to contact each other and within a week you assembled and began travelling back up mount Astern. As you pass the giant castle Mortaki comes down to greet you and offers his thanks for the stopping of the rumors. He doesn’t wish to delay you however and he returns right away. You continue up the mountain and rest at the four fallen trees again. The night is peaceful but cold for most the temperatures were quite cold. In the morning you have what you brought with you as it is too cold to gather or hunt. You pack your things and head up the mountain to Slymariana’s cave. Mordar picks up a sort of large rock and taps it against the stone on the outside of the cave.

The beautiful silver haired lady comes from the cave and is happy to see you again. She invites you in to a sitting room area in a giant cavern. The sitting area is sectioned off by book cases from the rest of the cave. You take a seat and she does too. “I take it you have been well since we last met?” She asked. The party nods and smiles. “I am sorry to summon you but something is brewing in the north we need to address. There is a lost artifact that several are trying to reassemble. The prophecy says great power will come the one who succeeds in reuniting the box of heroes. The box is a magical Coffer that seems to have little value. Then inside there are five hero items that should be collected. An axe from a fallen caravan, and a sword with the powers of winter are two which you have. The necklace from a coerced Sorcerer is possible one too. Visit Elder Hanna in Snowfall she can tell you more. Do your best to assemble the items and assemble the box quickly and return it to me.”

Slymariana is nice enough to cook for you and let you spend the night in her cave. She has seven beds ready for you. You relax and enjoy a hearty cooked dinner. You lie comfortably in the feather beds. Snow sings a few numbers to show her thanks and Slymariana enjoys the songs. You rest well and in the morning you head out and back to Snowfall to learn more from Elder Hanna.

You reach snowfall and look up Elder Hanna, She invites you into a curtained and dark room with eight chairs one in front of a crystal ball. She invites you to take chair and then to hold hands with the people on either side. She casts a spell and you remember going into a trance. When she snaps you out of it she speaks. “You have come in contact with four of the items. The coffer the axe the sword and necklace are but four. The other two are the hand from a reluctant warlock and the eye of an Oath bound traitor. These items maybe more difficult to find and obtain. You will search for the warlock you sold the coffer too and if he should not sell it back to you take it from him. Then you must keep your eyes out you will encounter some who will choose to betray you. They will approach as friends but they are not. One will offer an oath then betray you take his eye and combine those things in the coffer to make something new. Go now you have work, to do” you leave elder Hannas home with a better idea of what to do. Now to find that warlock you sold the coffer too. Tensi was his name and perhaps you can find him. He did say he was from Neverwinter….