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Endless Oddities


Kill the King introduction is just for flavor this adventure is not suitable for GENCON so in 2018 part 4 In the service of a dragon will run and after the 2017 GENCON has ended I will post a description of the Crystal Tower and one of Kill the King in the words of Snow.

The Introduction into Kill the King

Little known to most in Kelaman, is that there have been three tries to kill King Solamin. The mountain dwarf people would be furious if the king made an announcement. Instead, he summoned the heroes from Snowfall. He wrote a letter to each of them.

Dear Adventurer,

You have proven your worth as adventuring goes. The king of Kelaman Solamin Atrorious IV, decrees that you come to the city of Keleman and be guests of the royal grounds. Refusing will result in an extended stay in our dungeon. I look forward to meeting you be at the complex in five days please it is a matter of life and death.

Sincerely King Solamin Atrorious IV.

The scribe reviewed it and thought it to be a bit crude. The king agreed but a royal decree should do the trick he agreed. The letters were sent and the king had rooms prepared for them. This alerted the assassins and they had to work fast. There were two bold in middle of the day attempts, and a third more subtle attempt in those five days. A group wanted him dead.

Once the adventurers arrived they were shown to the rooms to unload and sent to a sitting room to wait for the others. When they all arrived they waited in the sitting room and the king himself came into the room and closed the door behind him. The king sat in an ordinary sitting room chair. “Someone has tried more than half a dozen tries to kill me. They have been brazen at times and subtle at times. They appear to keep trying until they succeed”. The king looked a bit shaken at this point. Edlia went to him and gave him a hug. She returned to her seat and four assassins appeared around the king….