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Endless Oddities


Character Creation Rules

These are the rules you can use for this adventure:

For stats roll a d6 and add it to 27 and use the chicken dinner point buy counter at the top of google search for point buy calculators with your total. You can change with custom tools to make the highest stat 17 instead of 15 when you set you points.

Advancement on hit points is max -1 after first. So if you have a d10 for hit points and 14 con 12 at first 11 beyond.

Because of this good hit point advancement I have changed heals a little, when you would get d8 substitute a d4+4 to create better heals. How you got to level Three as well as why you answered the call of the Jeb the mayor or the captain of the guard. The backgrounds in the players are useable and I will allow some modifications to them if necessary

I am willing to give up 2 weeks on and one week off for Thursday night at 6pm. Make sure you make it by then before signing up under normal conditions. The only things I am against are warlocks and the assassin option for rogue. So other classes are available how you like them.

You can start with 200 gold pieces and may buy equipment beyond the initial offerings with this money if you wish. Be a good faction please.