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Endless Oddities


House Rules

For the purposes of GENCON we have some rules which we have modified:

For heal spells where you see a d8 in them replace with 1d4+4'

For initiative and who goes first we will go around the table and the first person rolls party initiative then goes first among the players at the table for that round. This does not change on winning initiative or losing it. 

The Snowfall set of campaign information was well outlined on the trip home from GENCON 2015. The adventure takes place on those areas high on the Kurlok Mountain and the Astern mountian. As you rise there are the hill dwarfs city then a great forest on the mountain. As you rise some more you reach the Mountain dwarf city and if you continue up the mountain you reach the town of Snowfall where it all begins for the new adventurers.

The 2020 adventure is Finding Morath. We will head to north forest and look for clues as to where the wizard is. It is for seven players i have no extra characters and frankly eight at the table is pretty tight to get a ninth in. This adventure should run about three to three and half hours.