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Endless Oddities


The Adventures beyond Gencon

We found Mernow and together we reached the Forgotten City. We killed the three stone golem guards it was an ugly battle but we won. When the gate opened the souls of all who died within were incorporeal and came out of the city. When they came out they vanished to where they were headed. When the last soul has left the city we entered.

The animations were many and there were plenty of spell casters. Not only did we manage to reach the officers and take out what we had to. When were reached the officers Ingola the beholder, Makar the fire giant mage and Sholu the illithid Sorcerer looked at us and smiled and then vanished to another place. We took all the challenges that came and we could not face the enemy.

We left the Forgotten city having killed everything we had to move by. We gained two levels and would be prepared for what came next.

Mernow was with us when returned to Slymariana. The dragon was home and liked the axe which was almost attuned. She suggested we help the frost giants there is curse among their guards to where they glow with light and are fierce and take several guards to kill. The curse is rather unusual at times and there are a lot at times. It seems to be totally random. Jarl Kenoa is lost for ideas on how to stop it.

The dragon suggested we go there and speak to the Jarl. The frost giants were joining the war effort before this curse came upon them. We travelled eight days around the mountain to reach Morach the frost giant city. We reached the royal headquarters and asked to speak with Jarl. Jarl Kenoa is glad we arrived and he takes us to map room and points to areas where it has broken out. There has been as many as three in day and then two weeks without one. The three will be in the same areas of the city when they go crazy.

We went to the spots where the giants were made crazy and notes they are all on the edges of the city. We walked the edge of the city and in an empty alcove Mernow found the presence of a person. “I know you are hiding here what is your name.” He said in empty area. “I am Melosi an enchanter from Bahali. I am good and trying to find my way out of this city. The frost giants hate me because I am drow and attack me I must twist them minds and hide to escape them. Mordar smiles and said, “Show yourself in the shadows I have something for you.” Mordar handed Melosi the ring the dark elf spy wore to make him human. She appeared and is a very beautiful dark elf. Mordar gave her the ring. She placed the ring on her finger. Her image became of a beautiful human. She smiled and said, “This may work.” The party all left the city invisible after visiting Jarl Menoa and telling him the curse has been solved and is gone. The nine of them left the city and once in the wilderness. Melosi told us her story. She is beaten as child for not following Lloth. She runs away at eleven and is found and returned and is beaten every day for six months for running away.

She left the city at seventeen and made it out. She spent two months following passages to the frost giant town. It was three weeks she was in the city trying to find her way out. When she is spotted she faerie fired them to make the glow and twisted their minds so she could escape by hiding. It is why sometimes there were more guards that added. I was only trying to survive until I escaped the city. I am self-taught enchanter. I am quite powerful but I can help you with your adventures if you like.” She said.

We questioned her and she is certainly of good heart. She seems to be honest and capable. The party is glad to add her. With nine they would be more formidable.

We returned to Slymariaona and she invited the group in and we sat in the chairs in her sitting room. “You have done so well as a group. Now you have the final piece of the group and she knows the way to the Crooked Tower”. “I do,” Melosi said, “It is ways under the earth but I can find it.” “It is inside the tower that you will find the officers and the leader of the forces. You must defeat them all and destroy the tower before you leave to end the possibility of a war. Use all that you have learned to defeat those enemies. Maintain your ability to think and do your best and you can win.” Slymariana said. She dismissed everyone but me. When the others had left. Slymariana spoke, “Blow his horn if all is lost.” She handed a small ornate horn to me. I tucked into my pack. I thanked her and left the cave.

We followed Melosi into a forgotten cave and led us down into the earth. We looked for eight days going down and we found the Crooked Tower.

We approached the tower and a black dragon came and we were preparing to fight it when Melosi charmed it. We entered the tower with the black dragon. We killed an enormous number of powerful creatures that were loyal to the evil side. We reached a portal and we knew it lead to the battle for control. We cleared the tower and rested for the night by the portal. We worked on a plan and Mordar would take the leader and Salem would be behind him. Grak would work on the officers and Dinero would be behind him for healing. Mernow will assist Grak Edlia Snow and Melosi will aid Grak as much as they can. All at once we rushed the portal preparing for battle. Leaf would work on fire mage and do his best. Salem has leaf too.

We teleported in and the plan went into motion. We stayed close together with all our buffs. We killed the Illithid sorcerer first. The fire giant mage second the beholder third and then everyone on the dragon. Our resistances were helping us and Melosi was able to stop the illithid from using his psionic powers. The red dragons fire was reduced due to spells and the healers were able to patch up everyone. The axe of the dwarven King was attuned when the beholder dropped and Mordar could unleash the weapon as it is. It did great damage against the dragon, Grak learning to control the axe of the prismatic made it cold proc the whole battle. We battered the dragon takings his wings first and then working on his legs. Melosi slowed the dragon and that helps a lot.

The dragon reared for a second blast of fire but Mernow got it from behind for enough the dragon dropped and failed to breath fire onto them again. They breathed a sigh of victory when the beholder reappeared now undead. We were able to resist his fear and killed it quick with Graks radiant damage and the artifact now attuned to Mordar. When the undead beholder dies, there is a cleansing of the tower with divine light. We saw a great being of flame whom appeared. “Thank you for freeing me, the magic of the council imprisoned me and were willing, to start a war to keep me trapped. For saving me I grant you all a level and because of Salem, your casters have an extra spell of their highest level.” Pelor said. “Go with my blessing.” Pelor said we have his hand and we were teleported to the dragons waiting room. Slymariana is waiting for us with musicians and revelers of our victory.

There were many barrels of wine and beer. We enjoyed the party that dragon threw for us. There was much beer and wine consumed and many spent their night on the floor of the cave.

The next day many left and we helped clean up when everything was fixed and clean the Dragon began. “Adventurers, You have done so well and stopped the war to keep Pelor imprisoned forever. Pelor sent you here then destroyed the tower. He gave you a quality boon and is appreciative of you work. Your names will become legendary throughout the land for freeing Pelor and ending the possibility of war.

We thanked the dragon for her help and swore to still be around if needed again. We left the dragons cave. People of the north revered us, and treated us like royalty. They are grateful we saved Pelor from imprisonment and are proud to be in presence of someone so brave.

Mordar became the dwarven King and Dinero is his trusted Advisor. Leaf and Edlia have set out to map the Eldar forest and its teleports. Salem builds a temple in Snowfall and becomes the head priest. He hires three clerics to help him run the temple and they have quite the following when the temple opens. Mernow returns to his home to retire as a simple man in the land of Ice Wind Dale. Snow is unsure what she will do and Grak is unable to comprehend his hero popularity. He was leaving to find a home somewhere deserted. Snow decided to look after Grak and went after him. Melosi used the ring a lot in her travels she made her way to Grenwich and bought a home there. She boarded up the windows and removed the ring and is accepted as a Drow.

They all find what they are looking for and they, all stay in shape, in case something comes that needs their attention. The heroes find what they are looking for in the peace they created with their work.