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Endless Oddities


Synopsis of the Crystal Tower by Snow

The Synopsis of the Crystal tower

The door was open to the tower and we entered with halls to the left and right. Once we were all in the tower the door slammed shut and was not able to open again. We went right into the kitchen where two cooks cutting up and third dwarf attacked us and when we killed them their insanity was over. We found a false wall to the dining room where service for 30 was ready for a meal. It appeared an aide wiped the table with on napkin and blew his nose in another replaced it and walked into the east room. When we reached the east room there was a strange trio of dwarves one was drooling while reading a folded note, one was picking his nose in a hand held mirror, while a third had a knife handle through his ear. They attacked us and we found the folded note of interest:

Staff, I will be back soon. Vladimir

We contemplated the odds of Vladimir being the vampire and what is a short time to an immortal creature. Several hundred years perhaps is short to him. We found a narrow passage from there with heads of humans and dwarfs alike mounted on the walls leading to this door. We opened the door and the hunter inside was tougher than the one we would meet later. He battered Mordar but he lived with heals from Salem and we defeated him quickly. The heads were four high in his room along the walls. He was more powerful than a lot of adventurers. His shinning Warhammer went to Dinero. The room was a dead end so we went back to the door to go left.

The left path led us to stairway with a dead end and a painting of the vampire with eyes that followed us. After searching the area for secret walls or illusions we covered the eyes of the vampire looking at us and found when this was done the wall to the right became illusionary. We walked through the secret wall and would up in a library with many spirits, presumably those who died in the tower. When we opened the passage they rushed past us and out of the tower. We had freed their souls.

The library was in a tattered condition as if someone was looking for a book and tore the library apart. There was an alcove to the right with a metal couch and three dead skeletons on it with no reading material on the couch. It looked as though they set off some kind of trap the room showed no magical properties in the room, so the trap was done we did a search and found nothing worthwhile. We continued to the far side of the library. This hallway had blood coming from the north door and a foul hideous sound coming from the south door. We examined the blood door first. We opened the blood door and a dwarf was tied to it and bled to death due to a spear through the heart. When we entered the room the room was dark to even the dwarves. We waited a moment in the darkness and we heard a shuffling on the roof we knew spiders were up there so we entered the room and Mordar was the first to walk outside the darkness and he called for the rest of us. He charged the hunter while Grak took on the spiders with Leafs help. There were two spiders and one hunter. The battle took a while and Grak and Leaf both got webbed at one point we managed to kill them all.

This hunter dropped a cloak we gave to Edlia and she found she did not need to shape shift to climb walls and across ceilings. The noisy south door showed the weirdness of the tower. Three musicians were trying to play one has a broken French horn, One has a tin stick and is trying to hit it against a pot only occasionally is he successful, the third is peddling like mad and pumping air with his hands and a blower. The organ like is belching out a horrible sound. The musicians were lost in the noise a moment but swift enough they attacked us. When we defeated the insane musicians we noticed the peddling air machine was blocking a door. Grak and Mordar gave it a hearty shove along the middle of the north wall and it smashed into the west wall destroying the instrument but revealing a door.

The door led to the stairs to floor three. We took a short hallway that led to a door. We opened it and saw this was one door of the octagon area with a door on each wall. We decided to start on the right door. We heard combat in the room and opened the door quickly and observed a single sane dwarf was holding off 8 now 7 attackers who are insane. He looks decently wounded and is still holding his own. “Do You need help? Salem asked him. The dwarf said, “sure” We too attacked the murderers. In the end we missed and fizzled enough the dwarf killed as many as we did although he was near death when it was over. Salem tossed him a couple of heals and we asked him to join us. His name was Bob and he was looking for Tomas his brother.

The next door brought us to maniacal scene there were four heads a mother and three children’s heads on a table overlooking their bodies. There proved to be no feature to this room other than the gruesomeness so we moved right and disturbed and angry wizard. The wizard attacked us and we silenced his area but not before his spells almost killed Mordar who was first in the room. We killed him in the silence really quite quick and we gave the ring he dropped went to Salem.

The next door displayed a murder scene a woman’s skull was penetrated by an axe still in the skull. There appears to have been a struggle when she died by the things on the floor and toppled furniture. We did not find a secret door here so we left the murder scene.

The next door was an ornate bedroom complete with a closet. The room came up empty for us but the closet led to a stairway up. We decided to check the other rooms so no surprises when we go upstairs. We waited to climb until we did the other rooms.

The next room is ornate and it appears a dwarf hung himself from the chandelier. The ornate bedroom has many way out date clothes for the current styles of clothing nothing else seemed out of place until we saw the armor rack in the back of the room rusty sets of Scale armor, Chain mail and plate mail was there but one suit of plate was not rusty at all it was given to Mordar.

The following room had a wight in an alcove which we defeated quickly and no one lost some maximum hit points from the creature. The last door has a man with about 40 daggers through him, The room is surprisingly clean save the body. We checked for secret anything and returned to stairs.

We climbed the stairway to the fourth floor. There was a big hole in the floor that made the room slightly difficult to traverse. We were careful and even Bob made it across. There were doors the left and right. The south door was cold and we didn’t want to know what was in their so we went right.

We reached a big open room with six adventurer’s three dwarfs in armor and three humans without armor. Each seem suspended under a glass cover with an indestructible tube connecting from each adventure to one cord that enters the ceiling. The room was protected by a Minotaur with a great axe. I used a lightning bolt right off the start. As my friends attacked it they took heavy damage and the creature was holding its own so I used my other lightning bolt and killed the Minotaur. We examined the situation and Bob started banging his brother’s glass with his hammer while we searched for answers. We looked everywhere for a switch or lever that would lift the glass. By the time we came up empty Bob had several chips out and even a crack forming. It takes all of us helping Bob and about an hour of us chopping to break the glass. Tomas comes alive when the glass is broken he urges you to free Monesta next. We attacked her glass and in an hour or so she was free. Monesta thanked us and warned us to stay close to her. She used a spell to free the other humans then the final two dwarves all rush to the middle with you. The tower was moving and the floor was shaking when Monesta casted a spell.

A chill ran down our spine as the spell went off but before we could shiver we were back in the forest watching as the crystals explode and the tower collapsed. Then we looked around to find our group was the only ones who made it,

From the debris six spirits rise of the adventurers you freed. Monesta walks up to you and in a ghostly voice says, “The enchantment binding us the tower was too strong and it held us there while the tower collapsed. It is fortunate that you survived.” The captive spirits stand behind her. Monesta gave me a pendant. A human monk gave Grak a belt which made him grow stubble as he put it on. The final gift was for Leaf, The dwarf fighter handed his sword to Leaf. The spirits stepped back from our party and bowed slightly to us then faded away. As they faded away the ruins from the tower vanished as well. The only sign a tower was here is the dead vegetation in the area of the tower,

We all got some experience and a magic item. We freed the adventurers only to kill them and Tomas’ brother Bob. It left us with a good feeling that it was gone and the adventurer’s spirits are free. This was story the bards will not believe I think we will have to wait and see what comes next, Snow the Sorceress

The synopsis of Kill the King

Synopsis of Kill the King

We received after our return home from the crystal tower for a few days when we got this letter.

Dear Adventurer,

You have proven your worth as adventuring goes. The king of Kelaman Solamin Atrorious IV, decrees that you come to the city of Keleman and be guests of the royal grounds. Refusing will result in an extended stay in our dungeon. I look forward to meeting you be at the complex in five days please it is a matter of life and death.

Sincerely King Solamin Atrorious IV.

We got the message report of be consider an outlaw it was crude way to recruit us but it reminded us we are not powerful enough yet to defy a king. We gathered and traveled to Keleman and when there we headed to the royal complex. They let us and showed us to rooms in the castle. When we unpacked in our rooms they summoned us to a sitting room. We waited briefly for the king he finally came in closed the door and took a normal seat he was clearly shaken, “There have been a dozen attempts to kill me in my castle. I am almost afraid to sleep.” Edlia went up and gave the king a big hug to reassure him and returned to her seat when four assassins appeared around the king. We divided the assassins and killed them all at once the king was not even injured. The identity of the dwarf assassins are unknown. You notice all the dwarves are wearing a ring and take on off a dwarf and the corpse changes to a dark elf. This happened on all four of the assassins and the king said, “Now I see why they are more persistent. You must find where they are gaining entrance to the house and who is corrupting dwarves within the city.” The king calls for the royal guard and men come to escort him to safer place.

We went to the dungeon where we expected the problem was and found the external guards dead. They found the internal guards dead. The sealed door is open and the inside guards are dead too. We suspected we found the problem. We see the prisoners have been released and are moving to a deeper part of the dungeon and can see part of the outside wall has been breached. We must report to the King we have found a breach. The guard recapture the dungeon escapees and restore order and masonry experts go at work to close and reinforce the break. It takes a day to fix and reinforce this wall and another day to dry. The wall was completed and we reported to the king who told use through the door there must be another breach. We were thinking of where it might be when Grak got hungry and we went to the kitchen and the cook claimed there was a false wall in the pantry, She showed us where it was and we passed through the illusion to find the stronghold of the assassins.

We descended the stairs and came to a thick door with two buttons and a handle. Grak just opened to the door and we walked into a pack of assassins some playing cards some playing instruments others lying in bed, defend themselves when a captain ordered them to attack us. I got a line of ten for a lightning bolt that killed them. That left us with about half of them left. We killed them eventually and took minimal damage even on the captain. Some 22 dead all dwarf looking and all with rings and really dark elves.

No sooner did we breathe a little after the big combat more entered the area three elite guards. We killed them but took some damage they were tough both Salem and Dinero used heals. With the leaders dead we had a choice to keep going down or closing the door they have to the castle. We chose to report to king.

He urged us to look for other breaches he has heard of another in the east tower. We went to the east tower to talk to the guards. They tell us the night guards complain about the sounds from down stairs, It was only noon so we went back to the king. We asked him who was imprisoned in the east tower. The king told us “Cailene Grattus who killed a farm family because she wanted to was too great for the dungeon but only a minor caster. I did not feel a silence there was needed when she was imprisoned there. I will reconsider this option.”

We had plenty of time to kill before nightfall it was a dinners end that left us with three more hours before the guard change. When midnight was near we went to the east tower and talked with guard Alemantius and he said, “Listen” We heard ghostly moaning sounds we followed the sound down the stairs. The moon from the window is making a tile at the bottom glow we stepped on the tile and were moved somewhere else.

We arrived at an arch of magic on platform over the ground somewhere. The sounds here are more shuffling than scary. After two minutes the portal stops glowing and the humans cannot see. We lit a lantern to see and stepped down the ramp to the platform. There are three elite guards and a dwarven woman waiting for us. We quickly engaged the elite guards with Mordar, Leaf and Dinero and Grak went for the dwarf. The battle raged on with the Barbarian eating spells and when the elite guards were finished I unleased my last lightning bolt at the dwarf killing her. With the bosses of the rogues dead the king is probably safe we just need to wait a day for the portal to reopen. It turns out at midnight the next night it opened and we were back in castle and returned to the king.

The king was ecstatic with joy, “Thank you so much for ending the threat to my life. I will reward you after the celebration. The whole city will hear of your efforts to clear them. You are heroes Keleman well done.”

The feast is exquisite and when it was over the King proposed a toast for the now famous adventurers. You are celebrated and dwarves in the street either greet us or hug each of us. Others were content to cheer us from a distance. Two days later the celebration had ended and clean up was well underway. The king called us to the royal complex and led us the treasure room where he gave Mordar a new Warhammer, Grak got a manual, Leaf was given a short sword, Dinero got a set of plate, Salem got a broach of defense, Edlia got a suit of a solid leather armor, I received a robe. Each of us got a small chest of gems to pay for our training. We thanked the king and he shook the hands of the men and hugged Edlia and me. “Thanks again for ending the plot to kill me.”

We left the castle and went out to find trainers. When were done we went home again to find what normal life is about then. We will be needed again I am sure but we stopped the plot to kill the king.