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Endless Oddities


In the service of Slymariona synopsis by Snow

We left Elder Hanna and she wished us good luck. We left snowfall at dawn and travelled down the mountain. Then we headed to the confusing Eldar Forest. We discovered the many teleports not long in. We were marking trees with chalk and we reached a point where none were marked. We teleported to a spot an Ettin approached to a safe distance and insisted with his mannerisms that we must go back east. We retreated east and the Ettin did not follow us. We headed south for about half a mile and then turned west and not long after we turned west we teleported again to a place with no trees marked. They are in the forest ten days and are sure they teleported at least nine times.

We reached the Wilde river and followed it south west. On the second day wandered into a bandit camp with five prisoners. We worked out a price for prisoner and bought all five prisoners we took them a safe distance from the rogues and then I used fireball on the rogues and killed all but three who ran. Not only did we get our money back we found a chest of the thieves which yielded two rings of protection moderately and great barbed axe of evocation. The rings went to Leaf and Salem and Grak wanted the axe.

The axe so far has emitted fire, cold, radiant and prismatic damage with a hit. The rings helped with saves and armor class. We continued travelling with the former hostages and reached Neverwinter with them. We were thanked by the guards for saving them. We has already earned some faction.

We learned Tensi is in the biggest Noble house. We walked through nine districts to reach the noble district and found the biggest house. The yard was beautiful and dutiful skeletons are working the weeds and keeping the yard mowed beautifully.

The gate was open so we walked to the door and hit the buzzer. The sound was of a hallow sounding wolf howl and undoubtedly alerted the neighbors. A zombie butler answered the door and invited us with a hand movement and stepped aside to let us in. The creature took us to a sitting room with a wide space between us and the throne. We waited only a minute before a beautiful young girl comes on the platform with the throne and says, “Welcome the host with the most, Tensi” The warlock in a fancy robe with a rod in his hand strolled into the room and sat in the throne and lowered his hands so we could sit. He remembered us from the Savage Valley all the time ago and offered the coffer to us for 10,000 gold pieces. Or he offered to buy the three pieces we have at 5000 gold pieces a piece. We asked for a quest instead for payment and he told us, “Bring me the skull of Slymariana.”

We could not make that much money quickly and we were not about to try to kill our benefactor. We said we would be back with more money and left the warlocks house. Several of us saw the three skeletons in the darkness with plate, shield and sword.

We gathered in the Waylay Traveller inn. We got a room for the night and slept on ideas with what to do. In the morning we had a meeting and we felt not only would we have to kill the warlock and his skeletons we would need his hand and then have to find the box.

We visited him again after 10am and went to his house the butler let us and took us to the sitting room. We waited for the warlock and we jumped and attacked him as we did the skeletons in armor came forward. It was not even a close battle we got some really good hits and took him down fast. Once he was down the skeleton knights stopped fighting and stood there. We got the hand and the girl you introduced came out of hiding. She was crying but said, “The warlock threated to make me undead if I left.” “Can I go with you from the house.” Ella said. We asked her if she knew where to box was and she took us up to the third floor and to a door with a fire rune and insanity rune and a death rune. Ella mentioned he used only words that should could tell to open it.

Taking that as our key I fire bolted the top rune and it vanished. Edlia use a charm spell on the insanity rune and it too vanished. Salem used a cure light wounds on the death rune and it vanished. We opened the door and there were seven large chests with gold pieces in them and our box. We took the box and what we could grab in gold pieces when we shattered the chests and led Ella out of the house and beyond the now standing still skeletons in the yard. Suddenly bells began to rang all over the city. Gaurds moves into the streets and people head to the heir homes. Someone altered the guards that Tensi is dead.

A cloaked man uncloaked and said, “I am Mernow and I can get you of the city if you follow me.” With the guards pouring this way we took his offer. He took us behind the house and down a sewer cap and to tunnels off the sewer. We followed tunnels for hours and when we came up we were by the Never River outside the city. When we were safely outside the city Mernow left us there and went back in the tunnel

WE camped and when we woke and started packing a group came to arrest us. We found our heads were worth 200 and we each gave them 200 and they were satisfied and left us alone. They left our campsite saying as far as they were concerned they never found the group. We moved right away we figured there would be more.

We travelled up the Never River and on the second day we came on Knight who had killed bulette and was fighting with another. We helped him kill the creature and healed him some to get him healthy. He was so grateful for us helping he said he would follow us until our travelling is done.

He offered to take a watch and we travelled into the Rich Valley with him. He did speak with some guards and the guard and him were laughing. We continued north east and are awakened one night and Sir Alwinar and eight guards wanted to arrest us. They were too good to corrupt with money. WE had to fight them. We killed the paladin and six guards before the others ran away. We has found our traitor and took his eye.

We gave up our items to make the artifact and we put them all in the box. The box began to shake and shiver. A bolt of magic came from the skies and hit the box causing a thick fog around the box. When the fog cleared the claps was open. We opened the box. A battle axe of great power was in the box. As a group we felt Mordar would be the best to wield the axe. He took the axe but could not find a way to attune it yet. We were now outlaws in the rich valley for killing six guards. We did use detect magic on the Knight and his scimitar has a strong magic aura. Edlia gave a up a powerful scimitar for the artifact and we gave her the scimitar.

The people of the Rich Valley ran from us as we moved. We came up on hill and Mernow was there. “I can get you out of here.” We believed him and followed him. He led us to cave near the river and we followed the cave for almost two days and came up in the land of Ice Wind dale. Mernow said he would remain in the land of Ice Wind Dale if we should need him. He left us again and we would miss his help.

We reached the Eldar forest and the teleports eventually led us back to the mountain. We did encounter ettins again in the one spot in the forest and they wanted us go east so we did. The brothers were pleased we left right away.

We climbed the mountain and a child near Makar home of hill dwarves ran back the city by the time we reach Maker hundreds of dwarves were assembled and they all bowed when Mordar walked by. Their priests are saying the axe is a gift from the gods.

As we got near Keleman, fifteen minutes of travel on either side of the city dwarves in big numbers lined the roads just to bow when Mordar walked by. The axe is a hit among dwarves. We finally reached Snowfall and returned to Elder Hanna. She read the runes on the axe and said, “The axe is better against giants and incredible against dragons. It can be thrown and it will return. It will absorb spells and they can be released by the magic word “Ohnuk” which means great power in ancient dragon. Do not use until you absorb a spell to release the spell at creature. The power word will release the spell that is stored last.” Mordar was grateful for the information and thanked Elder Hanna with a hearty hand shake. She knew Slymariana would like to see the axe. “Rush to her she is waiting for you” Elder Hanna said. We left her place and headed up the mountain.

We travelled a day and almost two when we reached the stone giants. General Mortaki came down to see us. He looked at Mordar. “I did not expect you would lead the armies but I see it has been destined I must inform the soldiers.” General Mortaki ran up the hill and we continued as far as we could before camping for the night.

We were just getting ready to go to sleep when Gintalli arrived with his pack of wolves. He insisted Edlia get up and come to him. He handed her a bag of seeds. “Plant these at the side of castle, water them with a water skin, and stand back.” “I am hoping the enemy that watches us is sleeping.” Gintalli said before he took his wolves back into the wild. We settled down and we dreamed we were in dark cavern and Elder Matta is in our dream she casts a blessing on us it protects us from something it eases our pain and we continued sleeping this time

The next day we headed up and reached the village at noon and the dragons cave by one. We found a note on the rock:

Dear Adventurers,

When you read this note I am hoping that you have completed the last quest. There is a friend who has helped you before and you must find him as he can lead you to the Forgotten City, It is that you will find the leader of the opposition. He is in his castle and should you find him kill him. A war is coming if you do not succeed. Please rush to your friend he can lead you there and work quickly. I am handling some business for the defense if a war comes. Please make haste. Sincerely Slymariana.

We rested outside her cave hoping that she would return. We woke in the morning and Slymariana was not back. We knew the friend is Mernow and we would have to find him…..