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Endless Oddities



The success of the adventurers in the savage disturbance gave them each a chance to level up. While they trained they considered the value of their friends. Each decided that all wore worthwhile and each had a special niche of excellence. Not much happened once you were trained the hope for new adventure was fading fast.

Leaf went deeper in the forest than he had before and the animals of the area seemed to like him. He found a white crystal tower near the mountain. He had been in the area a week and found only around high noon on sunny day, could he see the tower. There were no foot prints and the partially blocked door due to snow looked like it had been years since it was opened. He journeyed back in forest to find Edlia and Grak. Once the three were gathered they returned to the tower around midday. The sun came out briefly and they could see the crystal tower. Edlia could tell the tower was magical and it radiated alteration why it was invisible at times. They talked about it and a tower only seen occasionally must have some significance. Leaf quickly wrote four notes and Edlia summoned four birds and each bird took a message to the other four. The small group headed back to the common part of the forest.

The note Leaf wrote:

Dear Friend,

We have found a tower with the ability to be unseen usually. The door had not been opened in a very long time. The tower itself radiates magic it has a strong aura of alteration. I contacted Edlia an Grak and we feel it is worth exploring. Please meet us at the edge of the forest on Sunday. That gives you a few days to prepare. We look forward to seeing you. Sincerely Leaf and friends

Each read the note and felt the tower was worth exploring. Each made arrangements to get to the forest edge by Sunday. Sunday came and many arrived together. When the team met they exchanged greetings and chatted a while. They moved into the forest to spend the night they slept well but remember a strange dream from the night. Elder Mataa is in your dream. She casts a spell and you feel protected again from something you don’t understand. This uncertainty wakes them up briefly before continuing to sleep. After breakfast they head to the deep part of the forest where this tower was supposedly.

Leaf knew the way quite well by now and he led them right to where the tower was to become visible at high noon if the sun is up. They set up a camp but the first day the day was too overcast to see the tower. They had made a camp and decided to wait a day. The clouds drifted off about dusk and the sky cleared up.

Grak woke each of the party up and said the tower is lit up. They looked in the moonlight and it was bright. They saw lights on in the tower. They packed up quickly and went to the door. As they approached the door it opened and a troubled spirit was standing there and spoke, “There is no hope for you if you enter…” the spirit fades away. The door is open and what lies beyond is unknown….