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Endless Oddities


The Dragon's Call GENCON 2018

The introduction to the Dragons Call

You returned home and found time to get trained again and when you finished, you expected some kind of break. That kind of break lasted three weeks before a letter came to each of you by courier.

Dear Adventurer,

Your heroism in the north is now legendary with your work in Kelaman. There is an opportunity to make things right in the north. Someone is trying to cause a war between the giants and me. I am not doing anything to bother them and my followers are not responsible for these actions. I did not lend a hand with the almost assassination of the Jarl. Please come to my cave and talk with me about setting this right. Together we can find the root of the problem and perhaps end the threat. Please come to my cave beyond the land of the giants and we can begin. Sincerely, Slymarianna

The adventurers gather in Snowfall and begin to head up the unbeaten path. The one no one has returned from. As you move slowly up and around the mountain you see a giant castle above the main road. A stone giant in heavy armor approaches you. “I am Mortaki the head of the giant’s defense team. If you intend to attack us we are ready. We are prepared if Slymarianna comes down.”

When the adventures show him the invite from Slymarianna to work on the problems he seems happier. "I wish you utmost luck!” He returns to his post in front of the castle. Not long after you left Mortaki the sun went down and you find a spot with four fallen trees and make camp…