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Endless Oddities


The beginnings of the group and the mission

They move to the eight top table and sit next to each other. It is 9:45am now. Olaf, Ronald and Markov arrive at the same time. Golic is in a few minutes later and Anna rolls in right after him some five minutes early. Tina starts when Anna arrives. “Welcome guys we have a purpose, The Wizard Morath has been missing four years his second apprentice is worried about him and said to explore the north forest and look for clues. We need to rescue Morath and bring him home. If anyone is opposed to searching the north forest for clues please speak up.” “I think is it noble mission and the forest is preferable,” Markov says. “I would be proud to take on this mission.” Olaf says, Ronald smiles and said, “I am in.” Anna smiles and says, “It works as an adventure.” Golic smiles, “I am with you whatever you do.” Tina smiles. “That is our mission then. We will leave tomorrow and meet at the north gate and head for the north forest. Be ready to leave at 8am or be left behind.” Tina smiles and continued, “That closes this meeting see you tomorrow at 8am.” Tina, Mina and the group packed up they have mission and they agree it is good mission. The girls are successful with the presentation, They go back to their room and do laundry for the past ten days. They hang in the closet and do what they do to relax while it is drying. They fold their laundry and place it in the pack. They load up the packs and will put on night clothes and need clothes for tomorrow. They end the day and go to sleep at nine pm.

They wake at 5am and heat bath. They clean and groom before soaking for the last time. They are out of the bath by 6 and drying off to put on clothes. They put on their magic and leave their rooms around 7am. They throw their keys into the box behind the counter and leave the inn.. The north gate is thirty minute walk. They arrive at north gate of the city around 7:30am. Olaf, Ronald and Markov arrive together. Golic and Anna arrive together and they are leaving by 7:45am…