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Endless Oddities


This is the events as noted by Snow the Sorceress

The synopsis of Dragons Call

We received a note from the dragon to visit her and we did. The dragon tp;d us tue story of a elf cleric who came to her with a menial favor she declined the cleric is Morina Silvera and she has undoubtedly grown in power since then. Then she gave us a mission and we had to deliver a message to the giants. She gave the scroll to me and I tucked into my bag.

We left her cave and headed down the mountain but ran out of steam and made a camp on the higher edge of the valley between four fallen trees. We set up watches and went to bed after a long day of events. In the middle of the night Grak fell asleep and when Salem woke he saw a man with a scroll in his hand running away from the party. Salem screamed to wake the others then held the man. We were sure to tie him up so he could not get free. When I looked in my pack and I still had a scroll. Now with two skills the magnifying glass became useful. We found a tiny dragon symbol on one and spider insignia on the other. We could tell them apart and I put the right scroll in my pack. We left the other ccroll in the snow.

Interrogating them man went nowhere he only said, “It was a nice night for a run.” He never gave us more information even after some threats and he could not be intimidated to talking. Salem casted detect magic on him he wore an invisible ring that radiated illusion. We took the ring off his left hand and he became a dark elf. The drow are the only elves this far on the mountain, The ring made him look human and confused the party at first. We tied him to a tree and left him the cold mountain top area, We continued to the giants once we got some more sleep.

We reached Mortaki the leader of the giant’s defenses, we offered him the scroll from the dragon and mentioned the switch attempt. He read the scroll and smiled and said, “This answers some questions.” He tucked the note into his belt. He suggested they may be coming from the abandon mine. Before heading to the giant city.

We returned to the camp and the man and the scroll were gone. The tracks in snow from where the man came were still fresh enough. Leaf was able to track him and found he walked straight into the mountain on the low side of valley. We examined the situation and found it was just an illusion of mountain leading to long stairway. We carefully descended stairs for an hour. We lucked out the long stairwell lead to the abandon mine we just had to find Morina Silvera and close the escape route. As we approached the mine we noticed an old mining Cyclops in our path.

We tried something whacky Mardor put on the ring appeared human just like the man looked human. The cyclops did pay any attention to him. WE had him lead us while illusion of the rest of us in chains fooled the creature and we walked right on by. We came to a fork and the elves went left so we went left. We entered a wode cavern the ended with a small faucet filled the water very rapidly the water was deep and wide on the other side where the Powerful plant creature attacked us on the shore.

The fire seemed to work well on the plant as it pummeled Grak We did best the creature but Salem had to repair Grak after the battle. We did not want to mess with water yet we back tracked and went right. We found a wode cavers with a desk and two chairs with a lot of dust. It was guarded by two spiders that had mean poison when they hit. We killed them quickly and they did not hit to often. The dust revealed whatever used the desk is long gone and took everything with them. We advanced and found an ancient library with an Icy Gynosphinx librarian. She told us of the secret door to the temple and warned us a service was going on.

We thanked her and moved through the secret door and down the hall as quietly as we could. We reached just far enough to not be seen and I unleashed a fireball into the temple killing several dark elves and two nobles. We quickly ended the life of the parishioners and dealt with Morrina Silvera who started with a Flame strike to Grak as we entered the room. Mordar rushed to the cleric and she infected him with a disease on the way. She was tough and when I lightning bolted her she flame struck me. Salem was quick to heal me so I was better. I used magic missiles because they hit automatically and she was resistant and tough. With her dealing sickly spells on us we were not at our best but we still drove her from the temple. She did escape and we not sure how but she was gone and did not return she dropped a note when she left. I collected the note and took it to the sphinx to get it read:


Keep the escape route open for at least another week Slymariana is getting close the truth and time is short. Morina Silvera.

This was the note meant for Athamos if we can find him we can close the eascape route. We retreated to the water again. Edlia turned into a crocodile and took a rope tied to her. She crawled into the water and swam with the current some rope distance and pulled hard on the rope. Once it wa taught the others used the rope to guide them to the side. We moved ahead and found a screaming mushroom. Salem fired a crossbow bolt at it and hit and Edlai said, “Dude, I could have befriended that mushroom! We quickly destroyed it and advanced,

We reached a hall that lead to a stone door with no way to open it. A statue of dark elf on a small dais in front of the door. As we approached the statue was indeed an elf and he attacked us. We beat him easily but sooner had he died and we broke the esacpe route a Vampire appeared and said. “You have killed Athamos and now you will die.” Greaat one more battle tp escape. WE runshed him Edlia got charmed. We did best the vampire but he did some crazy necrotic damage, WE dispelled the charm on Edlia and the vampire dissipated with a critical blow from Grak.

We left the cave and had to kill the old miner on the way out. We climbed the long stairwell up We returned to Slymariana and waited outside the cave for two days waiting for her return. The dragon was glad we were able to end the threat and she rewarded us all with a quality item. And gave each of us 500 gold pieces. We thanked her for her generosity and returned to Snowfall and prepared to find trainers.

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